4 reasons to choose Modec pneumatic motors !

14 avril 2016

Motor why modec ?

Thanks to their modularity, Modec air motors offer great freedom of use.. Control devices are indeed numerous and allow for many different uses!

We are going to take a look at 4 characteristics that are specific to Modec motors and which bring an appreciated modularity to users:

1 – Integrated speed control 

Air motors speed is usually controlled by installing a valve on the exhaust pipe which regulates the output flow, and therefore the speed of the motor. Modec motors offer a more compact and simple solution: The control of the exhaust is on the motor itself via an integrated output regulator. Thus, no need to collect the exhaust and to add an output control valve. Speed control is done directly on the motor.

2 - Progressive control handle

The Modec progressive control handle is another simple and intuitive way to control the motor speed, this time by adjusting the air supply. This handle is used mostly on portable pneumatic valve actuators.

3 - “On / Off” and “Left / Right” commands

Most of the time, motors are controlled by a device that is remotely located (small panel board). It may be interesting to have this control on the motor itself to avoid that remote control panel and thereby to gain in simplicity and compactness. Modec motors can benefit from these integrated control devices. These can be mounted at the time of manufacture or added on later.

4 – Straight / right angle motor

Adding a right angle head on a motor adds two main advantages: On one hand it increases the output torque as the angle drive reduces it further, on the other hand there is a gain in compactness in certain cases because the motor is then better integrated into the system.

All Modec motors are available with or without a right angle head.

Example of application: Using a pneumatic winch:

If the motor is at the operator level, one would go for a compact solution with the control devices directly integrated to the motor (On / Off ; Up / Down ; speed control), which enables more compactness and better ergonomics for the operator. If  the winch motor is out of reach of the operator (too high for example), one would opt for a remote control panel, with distributors for each function.



The control options and modularity offered by Modec pneumatic motors allow for a variety of uses, adapting seamlessly to your needs and working conditions!


For more information about pneumatic solutions and additional productivity they can bring to your business, do not hesitate to request for a quotation! We will get back to you to analyze your situation and offer you the best solution!

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Bruno Martin
Bruno Martin

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