Air motor's main advantages: why choosing air solutions?

3 novembre 2017

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Air motors are used for various applications in many industries such as food, chemical, agricultural, petrochemical, or even nuclear industries. They particulary fit well when speaking of very demanding or heavy duty environments as they offer numerous advantages in terms of safety, flexibility, reliability and productivity.

First, and this is a key argument, air motors have many advantages regarding the safety:

This is the main reason why air motors are prefered when facing an ATEX environement

  • They are not sensitive to electromagnetic phenomenon.
  • There is no risk of “air-hammer” effect in case of jamming.


Pneumatic motors suit best applications where flexibility is required because:

  • The air motors' power-to-weight ratio is 5 to 6 times higher than an electric motor. 
    So if you're dealing with an application for which the space is limited or for portable application you got here the best solution!
  • They can operate in any position.
  • Air motors can be used in the both rotation directions (Clockwise OR counterclosewise) or even be reversible (both directions). They don't get damaged in case of rapid reversals (which can be a problem for an electric motor).
  • They can be used in cases of extreme temperatures: -30° C to +150° C.
  • The possibility of “stop & go” cycles is not critical for air motors: they are not damaged by overloading or continuous stalling.


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Air motors offer incomparable reliability:

  • When stalled, an air motor does not heat up or deteriorate, even at elevated cycles. The stall torque may be used to tighten at a required torque for example.
  • Air motors do not generate any current peaks upon starting.
  • They are continuously cooled by the supplied air expansion, preventing it from overheating, even at very high speeds.



Finally, air motors allow you to increase your productivity:

  • Installation costs are reduced. There is no need for a sophisticated control and protection system (circuit breaker, contactors, variable speed drives, etc.), just a simple airflow output/pressure regulator is sufficient.
  • Maintenance costs are reduced. The design is proven, mechanical parts are available, and there are no skills and/or specific authorizations required.
  • Motor recycling is easy, thanks to the materials used in its manufacture.


 As you can imagine, air motor is an effective alternative to electric or hydraulic motors in many situations and harsh environment (ex: ATEX, high temperatures). With its a compact design, air motor is THE solution. .

Air motor training presentation link to dowload

Bruno Martin
Bruno Martin

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