Air treatment – don’t forget to use an FRL unit

26 décembre 2017

Motor maintenance

The type of air generated by a compression system is not generally the best type of air for the pneumatic components that you want to set in motion. So you need to install an air treatment system, usually composed of 3 elements, known as FRL, which filtrate, regulate and lubricate the air.

What is a filtration, regulation and lubrication (FRL) unit?

#FILTRATION – the quality of the air is key to ensuring your pneumatic motor has a long shelf-life

The filtration, regulation and lubrication unit allows the air to be prepared ready for use by getting rid of harmful particles that could adversely affect how the motor operates. As the air comes out of the compressor it’s full of dust, tiny particles, humidity and oil, all of which need to be filtered in order to protect the pneumatic parts. The filtration systems are generally equipped with a semi-automatic or manual purge which eliminates the condensates.

#REGULATION – A regulator keeps the pressure constant

The role of the regulator is to maintain a constant pressure whatever fluctuations there may be in the network. Variations in pressure cause a variation in speed in pneumatic motors. So it’s imperative to include a regulator if you want to work at a constant speed. It’s also a good idea to control the air pressure because more air is consumed if the pressure is too high, leading to increased energy costs. What’s more, a high pressure can also lead to the deterioration of certain parts of the motor.

The pressure is adjusted when the components of the pneumatic system are in use. This is a critical point when operating a pneumatic motor because the loss of charge can be sizeable. Therefore, when using the motor, you need to make sure it’s fed at the required pressure without exceeding the indicated maximum pressure.

In order to protect the performance of your components, some regulators come with a lockable adjustment system which means you can’t make any changes to the regulation control when starting up your pneumatic system.

#LUBRICATION – Protect and maintain your pneumatic motor

Using a lubricator can protect the moving parts of the pneumatic components against wear and tear. This third stage in treating the compressed air involves injecting a continuous hazy oil into the air. This also protects against corrosion when the pneumatic systems are coming to a stop.

A SUMMARY OF AIR TREATMENT SYSTEMS – this is an essential part of the pneumatic system, guaranteeing best performance and a long shelf-life for components. Choose your treatment system carefully, taking into account both the pressure and output characteristics of all the elements that make up your pneumatic system. When the FRL unit is up and running, you need to consider carteriser  it to protect against shocks.

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Marie-Charlotte Messier
Marie-Charlotte Messier

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