Alternative to sand for pickling: the advantages of the air motor combined with pressurized water

28 juin 2019

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In some industries, sandblasting is used in order to clean different kind of surfaces , i.e. the projection of sand or an abrasive at a very high speed using compressed air. However, the sand is mixed with crystalline silica, which is a very harmful chemical substance to health and bad for the environment. Sandblasting is used for stripping, cleaning or polishing.

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An economical alternative to protect the environment during high pressure cleaning

In order to protect the environment, the use of water instead of sand is highly recommended. Indeed, water can be filtered and cleaned before being released into the environment, which is not possible with sand because when sprayed on the metal, it generates dust: a mixture of paint and/or waste particles that is very difficult to separate from sand (which can be recyclable). 

The solution? The water under pressure! With high-pressure water cleaning, you no longer need to use a large quantity of sand (which must first be brought to the site) and collected at the end of the cleaning process for recycling.You can then use a closed water circuit already present on site. But then how does high-pressure water cleaning work?

How does the alternative to sandblasting for pickling work ? 

How to use water instead of sand to clean surfaces? You could use an electric motor, but they don't work well in humid environments and the combination can be dangerous. Also, it requires additional precautions such as low flow intensity and protection on cables and connections. For example, completely sealed electric motors cost on average two to three times more than a simple electric motor, not to mention the electrical installation itself. 
In short, it is an expensive solution. Fortunately, Modec can provide you with a turnkey solution dedicated to high pressure cleaning:


The alternative to sand for pickling: an air motor for high-pressure water cleaning

Our solution is to use an air motor directly in the machine to pressurize the water from the lance in order to obtain the necessary pressure to clean the surface without damaging it. Indeed, our air motors are compact, lightweight and resistant to moisture, dust and dirt generated by cleaning. It is therefore possible to strip with water under high pressure. More ecological, more economical, and therefore more beneficial for your company!

We have a special solution with a handle directly on the engine, to start and stop the water flow. It is actually a "dead man" safety handle to protect the operator and prevent accidents so that if you do not have both hands on the engine, the machine automatically stops. It is also possible to adjust the machine's flow rate using the speed control handle.
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Damien Coissieux
Damien Coissieux

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