Motorized hose reel for fuel oil, how to secure the network?

28 juin 2019

Motor applications

Whether you are in an environment with flammable steams or transporting unsafe products, you must take all necessary precautions regarding the equipment you use to limit heat initiation. Especially with systems such as hose reels carrying fuel oil. In these different applications, a safe way to motorize the reels must be used to facilitate the deployment and winding of the hoses.

Why use a motorized reel in order to secure your network?

A cable reel makes it easier to install pipes in many industries. These operations are diverse, from garden hoses to air hoses.

Motorized reels are frequently used to transport fluid through pipes. Whether for water, coolants or fuel oil, the hoses are automatically wound up using reels. This facilitates the work of operators for various reasons:

  • Saving them precious time for companies where these operations are regular
  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduced risk of pipe wear and breakage
  • Securing the working environment
  • Orderly and safe workplace




Which energy source to operate motorized reel for your network safety?

Generally, these reels are powered by electric motors because of their low cost and easy installation. However, for some applications such as vehicle refuelling, well known to fuel tank manufacturers, it is impossible to use automatic reels that run on electrical energy, because the environment is considered as ATEX (Explosive Atmosphere), so the use of electrical equipment is strictly prohibited and dangerous. This is why using air energy with MODEC Motors certified ATEX ensures the safety of the site, the network and the operators.

In most of these industries, a compressed air network is already installed, so the use of air motors is facilitated as the air source is already present.

The air motors are placed in the reels, powered by a compressed air source and drive the hose winding. The volume required in the motor can be adjusted to manage the motor's rotational speed, which ensures that the speed of the reel is also adjustable. The air motors are quiet and compact, making their installation space-saving.


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Fields of application for air motorized hose reels

Here are the areas where the use of air motors is essential for safety:

  • Manufacture and refuelling of cars
  • Fueling of agricultural vehicles
  • Fueling of boats
  • Manufacture and refuelling of aircraft and helicopters
  • Fuel pump
  • Fueling of military vehicles

What you must remember :

Motorized hose reels have many advantages, saving time, increasing productivity, and reducing the risk of breaking the cable or reduces the risk of accidents. In some industries such as fuel oil, the use of electric motors for automatic reels is prohibited. That is why the use of our ATEX certified pneumatic motors allows the use of motorized reels even in dangerous areas.


Marie-Charlotte Messier
Marie-Charlotte Messier

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