Case study: an air motor to drive a wood deburring machine

10 mars 2021

Motor applications

Molded wood is a modern composite material that can be used to make many products using the molding technique. Our french client Engelvin bois moulé is a company that manufactures all kinds of molded wood products such as molded pallets, furniture, packaging elements, wedges, etc.

Deburring on wood

One of the steps in the manufacture of molded wood is deburring. It consists of removing the excess material on the sides of the products.

To deburr, an articulated arm equipped with suction cups grabs the product. After lifting it, a disc removes the excess material. This disc is driven by a air motor.

Engelvin bois moulé was looking for a motor that would work well during deburring and be small and compact enough to mount on their machine. Traditional electric motors were either too bulky for this installation or did not have adequate power.

The company chose to equip their machine with an air motor that met the power and space requirements. The motor could benefit from the installation of the air network already in place in the factory.

Modec service

When looking for an air motor, Engelvin bois moulé wanted a powerful and compact motor. The MT10 motor met perfectly the criterias.

modec stood out from the competition because of the availability of the teams during the pre-sales phase. The company was also seduced by the French manufacturing. One machine was therefore equipped with a modec air motor. The efficiency of the motor being conclusive and following the rapidity of the after-sales service, the company ordered 7 other motors to equip their other deburring machines.

Thank you to the company Engelvin bois moulé for its trust!

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Marie-Charlotte Messier
Marie-Charlotte Messier

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