How do I replace an obsolete pneumatic motor?

19 mai 2016

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Do you have a pneumatic motor that you use for a specific application? Does this engine perform its task perfectly and you’re totally satisfied with its performance? Yes, but the problem is that today this motor has just quit working…

Maybe you purchased it (perhaps with the machine) a long time ago, and you don’t know if it’s even still on the market! 

 You went to the distributor, and in fact the model in question is no longer manufactured.

Newer motors aren’t necessarily compatible with your application (the size, flange, output and performance).  So now what? Do you get all new machines or implement the complex adaptations? This solution would be far too expensive, especially if you only want to change one pneumatic motor for a single use!

At Modec, we understand your problem perfectly, for the simple fact that we have to solve these types of requests on a regular basis!

And we have the solution you’re looking for! Expertise and Agility are part of our DNA and we can make motors that perfectly meet your needs!


For many years, Modec has designed and assembled its motors on-site in Valence. The products are top quality. Geared motors are used as an alternative to the traditional electric motors in a number of highly-restricted applications in most industrial sectors.

Our technical team is available to study, design and create pneumatic solutions to meet your project’s needs, and your immediate needs! 


With 80% of our products exported to 5 continents with fast shipping, we will deliver them quickly, no matter where you are.

Do you have a specific project? Or a particular use? And you’re not sure how to find the adequate pneumatic motor? 

Feel free to contact us, you'll love working with us!

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Bruno Martin
Bruno Martin

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