Modec range of air motors: introducing the MT05

31 août 2020

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Our smallest motor, the MT05 can reach up to 300W of power. It is straight and very compact (motor diameter 36.5 mm). It allows use in a small space and easy integration in robotics.


Thanks to its compactness, the Modec MT05 pneumatic air motor adapts perfectly to particularly small spaces, delivering 300W of power over a wide range of speeds and torques. It can be supplied with six different reduction ratios. Available in reversible or non-reversible versions, with numerous options or accessories (specific flanges and shafts, kit-start options, lubrication free or ATEX II 2 GD c IIC T6 to T4 certification).

The technical characteristics of modec MT05 airmotor:

  • Speed: 0 - 20000 Rpm
  • Torque: 0 - 131 Nm
  • Weight: 0.5 – 2.9 kg
  • Air supply pressure: 4 - 6.2 bars

The flanges and shafts available for the MT05 airmotor:

Assembling the motor to the machine is as important as defining the good motor!

Modec offers more than 100 different flanges and 90 different output drive shafts in order to make sure that you will find the one you need.

Flanges & shafts comes in eight different types. You can find on the product data sheet what flanges and shafts are compatible with your air motor adapted to your motor. Modec can also design and manufacture special flanges and shafts on request, according to your specifications if you do not find inside our range the correct connection required. Just send us your drawing and we will find the best suit.

The options available for the MT05 airmotor:

As an option, we have designed a large range of motor’s accessories and options:

  • KIT START: To prevent starting issues during a restart after a long period of disuse, we have designed the kit-start option. Indeed, after a long period of disuse the oil and the dust inside the pneumatic part can glue the vanes and avoid a correct restart.
  • LUBRICATION FREE: If you cannot reject any oil around the motor’s environment and you cannot collect the airflow from the exhaust to reject the air far away from the motor, you can use our lubrication free option. Equipped with a special stator, bearing and vanes, such motors can work without airflow’s lubrication. This is particularly adapted for food and beverage industries.
  • ATEX CERTIFICATION: If you work inside an explosive environment, we can Atex certify our motors and deliver them engraved with an Atex certificate. Modec follows the new Atex rules from 2016/04/19 according to the norm EN ISO 80079-36:2016 and - EN ISO 80079-37:2016.

Example of applications with modec MT05 airmotors:

Customer case 1: a pneumatic motor to make the operation of a shutdown system on loss of electrical energy more reliable.

We have chosen a special case to share in more detail with you and which was proposed to us by one of our distributors in Europe specializing in the design and manufacture of compressed air powered equipment. It involved the renovation of a machine in the food-processing sector, which was intended to improve the reliability of the shutdown system on loss of electrical energy. Indeed, the multiple failures of the original system lead to significant production losses.

The system, which is relatively simple in appearance, is broken down into two functions or stages:

The first stage is the inclusion of the pneumatic motorization in the machine's drive train, the motor clutch. This is achieved by a monostable cylinder whose rest position, not powered, corresponds to the engaged position of the motor. When the electricity disappears, the jack moves a roller on the transmission, thus allowing the pneumatic motor to operate. A monostable 3/2 directional control valve controls the cylinder.

The second step is the rotation of the motor. This step takes place practically synchronously with the clutch. The rotation is maintained until the process in progress is completed. In the same way as for the cylinder, the unidirectional pneumatic motor is controlled by a monostable 3/2 directional valve.

The problem: while the solution seems relatively simple, and the power and torque required to operate the machine during its stop phase are relatively modest, the original pneumatic motors regularly broke down.

The diagnosis: As the breakage of the motors occurred at a particular point on the gearbox, we were able to determine, with the help of a test plate, the cause of the breakage.

The solution:  we offered the customer a “Heavy duty” 05 air motor that keeps the same power and remains compact although its gearbox is a much stronger one, able to deliver torque levels as high as 120 Nm.

The advantages of this hybrid solution:

  • Optimization of the power and thus of the consumed air flow rate. This is of prime importance for this type of back-up application.
  • Optimization of the maximum permissible torque while remaining compatible with the limited space available.
  • With its ingenious design, this air motor - like all modec air motors - allows easy maintenance at a modest cost. The maintenance of safety systems is another aspect to take into account in the solution implemented for such applications.

Customer case 2: a pneumatic motor to roll up and unroll a tarpaulin on a truck trailer

A truck is made to drive on the road, not to stand still on a parking lot. Any idle time is a loss. How can you save time (and fatigue) for your truck drivers with a simple and efficient system ? By using an air motor to roll up and unroll the tarpaulin on the trailer. Not only you save time, but your driver will appreciate very much to simply press a button instead of turning a crank during 10 minutes.

Why would you choose an air motor ? Simply because compressed air is already available on your truck so that you don’t have to install an extra battery (that will get rusted quickly by the way).

Why would you choose a MT05 Modec air motor ? Simply because its air consumption is low and it’s been designed to provide the speed and torque required for this operation.

Download the guide: How to choose   the right motor for the job

Customer case 3: a pneumatic motor to mix popcorn!  Yes, you read that right – popcorn!

The request was as follows: operators regularly needed to close the lid on the tank where the corn kernels were heated.  The main challenge was the deployment of a small motor that could withstand high temperatures.

We suggested that they use a motor from the MT05 lubrication-free range, which would address their issues perfectly.

The MT05 maintenance:

We know that the motor is a key part inside our customer’s machines. To avoid any operations disruption that could be very expensive, our motors are available on stock and we can ship them within three days. We have also made dedicated maintenance kits that are on stock with all the parts we recommend you to replace each year. With such kit, you can anticipate breakdowns and maintain the motor during the production line shutdown.

To help you with the motor maintenance our maintenance kit comes with a motor exploded view and you can have a look on our YouTube channel to see our maintenance videos!


We manufacture reliable and high quality air motors. If you want to obtain the maximum performances of our motors, we recommend you to follow our commissioning instructions carefully. To help you with it, you receive with the motor a quick start manual with inside the different key steps you have to follow during the commissioning.

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Marie-Charlotte Messier
Marie-Charlotte Messier

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