Modec range of air motors: introducing the MT30

15 octobre 2020

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MT30Our MT30 motor is the strongest motor inside our range. It can generate 3150 W with only 7,4 kg. We split the range in four different categories to adapt the motor to our customer’s needs.

  • - Our Easy Duty MT30 motors can reach very high speeds, close to 9400 rpm with low torque.

  • - The Standard Duty MT30 focuses on intermediary range of speed and torque (2500 rpm and 630 N.m with the right angle head).

  • It is a versatile motor that you can find in several applications as plastic injections, casting, lifting, welding, drilling, valve motorisation, …

Some applications’ Examples

Convoying: To motorize heavy conveyors, the MT30 coupled with an external gearbox that can bring a static irreversibility.

Lifting: The motor drives the charge to lift a weight. It can be a winch, an operating table, a charge to transport… In such case, to obtain a static irreversibility, the motor coupled with an external gearbox. We use our easy duty motor that offers the perfect range of speed and torque.

Doors and portal driving: To drive heavy doors and portals, you need to reach high torques. The main advantage of our MT30 motor is that you can install it inside narrow places. It is compact compared to an electrical motor. Furthermore, if something blocks the door during the movement, the motor can stall and it will not damage the mechanism or the material. The air motor brings a safety advantage by conception.

Valve motorisation: To close and open valves, even remotely, and even in Atex environment, you can use air motors. Our customer was looking for a solution to operate a multi turn valve. By choosing the Mt30 motor, we can cover the torque’s range required for the valve operation. In such case, the starting torque is primordial. We designed a flange and a shaft connection to plug the motor directly on the valve. In case of a long unused period, we can add a kit start option that avoids starting issues due to the vanes that could glue inside the pneumatic part with the oil and the dust remaining inside the motor. It prevents any issues and guarantees a perfect restart.

Drilling: For tuff and hard material as composite, you need a motor with high speed and high torque. We use our MT30 motor in the standard duty version. For a manual using, we can add a handle to start and stop the motor. Equipped with a safety lever, it prevents any dangerous uses from the operator.

High speed grinding: To cut thick metal sheets, you need a strong and reliable motor. You need both high speed and high torque. Furthermore, our MT30 motor can stall without any consequence. It will not damage the motor and prevent from accidental density variation in the metal.

Surfacing: During a refurbishment, to obtain a sealed valve, our customer was looking for a motor able to reach high speeds, on a large contact surface. To do so, you need a very slick and clean metal surface on a valve’s seat. Our MT30 motor is perfect for such application.

Brushing: In order to clean a surface, a tank, or a conveyer, you may need to brush the surface during the operating period. The brushing can generate dust, and a dirty environment. With a classical motor, such conditions can damage the motor and reduce his life-time. If you use our MT30 motor with appropriate airflow, the motor will handle this difficult environment. You can also collect the motor exhaust in order to blow the air around the motor and increase the brushing efficiency.

Download the air motor catalogue

The options available for the MT10 airmotor:

As an option, we have designed a large range of motor accessories and options:

  • KIT START: To prevent starting issues during a restart after a long period of disuse, we have designed the kit-start option. Indeed, after a long period of disuse the oil and the dust inside the pneumatic part can glue the vanes and avoid a correct restart.
  • LUBRICATION FREE: If you cannot reject any oil around the motor’s environment and you cannot collect the airflow from the exhaust to reject the air far away from the motor, you can use our lubrication free option. Equipped with a special stator, bearing and vanes, such motors can work without airflow’s lubrication. This is particularly adapted for food and beverage industries.
  • ATEX CERTIFICATION: If you work inside an explosive environment, we can Atex certify our motors and deliver them engraved with an Atex certificate. Modec follows the new Atex rules from 2016/04/19 according to the norm EN ISO 80079-36:2016 and - EN ISO 80079-37:2016.
  • COLLECTOR: in order to reduce the noise level close to the motor, we can offer a collected motor. It can also allow you to plug a silencer on the motor exhaust or a throttle to control the motor’s speed.
  • DEAD MAN HANBLE: We offer a dead man handle, to start and stop the motor manually when you drive a machine with an operator. For the reversible motors, we can add a trigger to change the rotation direction easily. Such handle offers safety with a safety trigger that comes as standard to prevent some accidental starting.

The MT30 maintenance:

We know that the motor is a key part inside our customer’s machines. To avoid any operations disruption that could be very expensive, our motors are available on stock and we can ship them within three days. We have also made dedicated maintenance kits that are on stock with all the parts we recommend you to replace each year. With such kit, you can anticipate breakdowns and maintain the motor during the production line shutdown.

To help you with the motor maintenance our maintenance kit comes with a motor exploded view and you can have a look on our YouTube channel to see our maintenance videos!


We manufacture reliable and high quality air motors. If you want to obtain the maximum performances of our motors, we recommend you to follow our commissioning instructions carefully. To help you with it, you receive with the motor a quick start manual with inside the different key steps you have to follow during the commissioning.

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Damien Coissieux
Damien Coissieux

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