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9 octobre 2020

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The motors of the MT08 range are very robust motors with a power of up to 650 W at 6.2 bar. This motor is an excellent ratio between power and compactness.

The Modec MT08 air motor delivers 650 W of power for only 54 mm diameter and less than 169 mm length. It is the ideal solution for projects in tight spaces and requiring high power.

Fully modular in terms of reduction ratio, the MT08 has a very wide range of speed and torque. This motor is also modular in terms of size, offering a version with a right angle head.

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Modec also offers the flexibility of having this pneumatic motor in a reversible version, as well as many options and accessories (specific flanges and shafts, Start kit, without lubrication or ATEX II 2 GD c IIC T6 to T4 certification).

With an axial exhaust, it is very easy to collect the exhaust gases on this motor. This is a considerable advantage for the pharmaceutical, chemical or food industry.

The technical characteristics of the air motor modec MT08:

Speed: 0 - 18 000 Rpm

Torque: 0 - 587 Nm

Weight: 1.6 - 1.9 kg for a straight output shaft and 2.6 kg for an output shaft with angular gear.

Air supply pressure: 4 - 6.2 bar

Flanges and shafts available for the MT08 air motor:

Modec has designed its range of air motors around the integration of this one. This is why we offer more than 100 different flanges and output shafts for the MT08 air motor.

You will find in our catalog all the standard configurations available for this motor. We are also at your disposal to design and manufacture custom flanges and output shafts according to your criteria and specifications.

Our design office works with your integration teams in order to offer you this flexibility and manufacturing quality in very short lead times.

Example of applications with air motors modec MT08:

A pneumatic motor for rotary table with tilting device:

At a time when safety is at the heart of industrial concerns, there are more and more tools available to improve the daily life of operators.

Rotary tables with tilting devices are tools that can improve the productivity and ergonomics of your industry.

Our customer's specifications were to have a robust pneumatic motorization allowing the rotational movement of its table.

He also asked that the motor be reversible to facilitate the movement of the part on the table.

Our MT08 motors are used on rotary tables that can move large loads.

Thanks to its compactness and wide range of use, the operator can rotate the table in both directions using the MT08. He can decide the speed of rotation by varying the flow rate in order to manipulate his table safely.

A pneumatic motor for a moving floor of a semi-trailer:

In order to improve the transportation of bulk goods, there are different moving floor technologies widely used in the agricultural and recycling sectors when the goods are in bulk, not packaged.

In order to move the merchandise to the truck entrance, the moving floor allows the trailer contents to be progressively moved. By activating the modec MT08 motor the system starts up. This motor is powerful enough to move the blades of the truck floor.

In order to move the goods, the moving floor is composed of several groups of three blades. First, the pneumatic motor moves the entire floor to the rear. Then a part of the boards composing the floor moves one by one, while the rest is static. Finally, the rest of the previously static boards move backwards. This sequencing allows the load of the trailer to move progressively.

-> The flexibility of the MT08 motor allows to move any type of load, from very light to very heavy.

-> It also guarantees control and safety in the speed of the movement of the load.

A pneumatic motor for cable reel:

There are many cable reel systems using electric or pneumatic motorizations. When it comes to rolling up truck or train tarpaulins, it is sometimes easier to have access to compressed air rather than electricity. For this type of application, the motor shaft is directly connected to a spool that winds up the cable.

-> The MT08 has a sufficiently high starting torque to pull the cable when the load is high. For example, in the case of the truck tarpaulin, it may be full of water or snow.

-> We also study the wedging torque to manage the end of rotation of the rope winding spool. It is necessary for the motor to stop when the reel comes to a stop.

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The options available for the MT10 airmotor:

As an option, we have designed a large range of motor accessories and options:

KIT START: To prevent starting issues during a restart after a long period of disuse, we have designed the kit-start option. Indeed, after a long period of disuse the oil and the dust inside the pneumatic part can glue the vanes and avoid a correct restart.

LUBRICATION FREE: If you cannot reject any oil around the motor’s environment and you cannot collect the airflow from the exhaust to reject the air far away from the motor, you can use our lubrication free option. Equipped with a special stator, bearing and vanes, such motors can work without airflow’s lubrication. This is particularly adapted for food and beverage industries.

ATEX CERTIFICATION: If you work inside an explosive environment, we can Atex certify our motors and deliver them engraved with an Atex certificate. Modec follows the new Atex rules from 2016/04/19 according to the norm EN ISO 80079-36:2016 and - EN ISO 80079-37:2016.

COLLECTOR: in order to reduce the noise level close to the motor, we can offer a collected motor. It can also allow you to plug a silencer on the motor exhaust or a throttle to control the motor’s speed.

DEAD MAN HANBLE: We offer a dead man handle, to start and stop the motor manually when you drive a machine with an operator. For the reversible motors, we can add a trigger to change the rotation direction easily. Such handle offers safety with a safety trigger that comes as standard to prevent some accidental starting.

The MT08 maintenance:

We know that the motor is a key part inside our customer’s machines. To avoid any operations disruption that could be very expensive, our motors are available on stock and we can ship them within three days. We have also made dedicated maintenance kits that are on stock with all the parts we recommend you to replace each year. With such kit, you can anticipate breakdowns and maintain the motor during the production line shutdown.

To help you with the motor maintenance our maintenance kit comes with a motor exploded view and you can have a look on our YouTube channel to see our maintenance videos!


We manufacture reliable and high quality air motors. If you want to obtain the maximum performances of our motors, we recommend you to follow our commissioning instructions carefully. To help you with it, you receive with the motor a quick start manual with inside the different key steps you have to follow during the commissioning.

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Olivier Ben Soussan

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