A new range of stainless steel air motors for the most demanding environments

10 mars 2021

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Thanks to their robustness, compactness and versatility, air motors are allies of choice in difficult, aggressive and even dangerous environments.

Why choose the stainless steel air motors of the MT07 range?

Stainless steel air motors for ATEX atmospheres

By using stainless steel, we extend the scope of application of air motors to areas where the environment is corrosive. This can be the food industry, where corrosive detergents are used, or the chemical industry, where the atmosphere itself can be corrosive.

In addition, stainless steel motors are ideal for explosive environments because they do not generate electrical sparks and reduce the risk of mechanical sparks. All our MT07 stainless steel motors are Atex certified as standard.

Perfectly designed stainless steel pneumatic motors

Our MT07 stainless steel air motors have a clean design with no protrusions or cavities where dirt could accumulate. Ideal for preventing contamination of the motor by water or cleaning products. This prevents the growth of bacteria.

It can therefore be used in applications with very strict hygiene requirements. This air motor is particularly suitable for use in the food industry, medical sector, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

What is the performance of MT07 stainless steel air motors?

Our MT07 stainless steel air motor range with a power of 500 W at 6.2 bars (80 PSI). It is available in reversible and non-reversible versions.

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Thanks to its 316L stainless steel construction, they are particularly suitable for use in the food industry, the medical sector, wet applications and the chemical industry. All the air motors can be used without lubricant without any particular derogation. All external components (housings and outlets) of our 07 range are made of high quality stainless steel. Thanks to their modular concept, we can offer you tailor-made solutions for your specific application at a very attractive price!

Our stainless steel range consists of a wide range of flanges and outlets as standard. However, our engineering teams are there to help you find, as standard as soon as possible, or special when necessary, the best solution to integrate into your machine.

All air motors are made of stainless steel and can be used without any lubrication with a power loss of about 10%. Thanks to our flexible and modular system, we are able to offer a large number of variants for each motor (torques, speeds, outputs, flanges and options).

For use in stirrers or mixers, which are characterized by very strict hygiene requirements, we can offer our air motors with a high torque gear also made of stainless steel.

High torque stainless steel air motors :

Our air motors of the MT07 range are now available with a wide range of directly integrated high torque planetary gearboxes with stainless steel housing. We have a motorization solution for a very wide range of applications.

Technical characteristics of the stainless steel air motor MT07

- Speed : 0 - 5000 Rpm
- Torque: 0 - 67 Nm
- Weight: 2.1 kg with straight output shaft.
- Air supply pressure: 4 - 6.2 bar

We also offer all the options available on our other motors:

- Start Kit (for a guaranteed start even after a long period of non-use) ;
- Without lubrication (when the use of dry and clean air is necessary, for the food industry in particular).

Controlled manufacturing with high quality materials

No compromise with quality. As always at modec, we want to offer the best to our customers. That is why we have chosen 316L stainless steel, which is more resistant in a marine environment.

The material used for the manufacture of the casings is a stainless steel with the following characteristics : AISI 316L DIN 1.4404/AFNOR X2 Cr Ni Mo 17 12 2

The material used for the output shaft and gears has the same characteristics: AISI 316L DIN 1.4404/AFNOR X2 Cr Ni Mo 17 12 2

ATEX certified air motors

Our range of stainless steel air motors MT07, has been approved for hazardous areas, zone 2, according to the standard Version 00 of 20/01/2009 :

REV A in Version 01 on 19/04/2016 :
II 2 G D
Ex h IIC T6...T4 (*) Gb
Ex h IIIC T80°C...T135 (*) Db
LCIE 09 ATEX 1003 X

Maintenance of stainless steel air motors modec MT07 :

We offer as standard, available from stock, a maintenance kit containing the essential wear parts for a quick restoration of your motor. This kit contains the vanes, seals, filters.

Commissioning of stainless steel air motors modec MT07 :

In order to get the best possible performance from your motor, we deliver it with a manual in which you will find all the tips for connection, power supply, in order to carry out a commissioning without false notes.

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Damien Coissieux
Damien Coissieux

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