Performance checklist for your air motor

24 mars 2017


In general, the performance of an air motor is primarily dictated by what is happening within the pneumatic section. It is here that the rotor is turning at 10,000 revolutions per minute, so you need the bearings and blades to be in good condition and the surface of the cylinder to be as smooth as velvet.

If these three elements are fine, then all will be well with your motor. On the other hand, if any one of them has a problem, the motor will start losing performance.

A little less va-va-voom

If you notice that the air motor is not quite the power cracker it once was, here’s a checklist to help identify where the problem is coming from :

#1 First things first, check the lubrication system

An easy, quick initial check for standard motors is to hold a tissue or dry cloth to the motor’s exhaust and look for signs of oil. If lubrication levels are correct, there should be some oil visible. If there isn’t, either you need to top up on the oil, or it’s an indication that there’s a bug in the lubrication system. Should you notice a sign of water on the tissue, this too could indicate a potential problem.

#2 Look at the filter

Is it partially blocked with dust particles?

#3 Check if the rotor is turning freely

There is a small screw in the back of Modec air motors that you can turn to move the rotor without needing to open the motor.

If the rotor is free, but the motor is not performing as it should, this suggests a problem in the system ahead of the pneumatic part. Check for anomalies with the air supply :

  • is the connection properly fitted ?
  • are the air pressure volume at the correct levels, for instance ?
  • ...

#4 Finally, if the rotor is not moving freely, then the problem is inside the motor

In this case, you need to check that the bearings, blades and cylinder are all in good working order.

It’s important to identify the problem before proceeding with any maintenance or repair work. As well as potentially avoiding replacing parts unnecessarily – saving time and money – it may also prevent causing further damage. For example, if the bearings are broken, the motor will lose power, but it won’t impact on other parts. However, if the cylinder is impaired, this could in turn damage the blades which are less solid.

One-stop protection system

Given the crucial role good lubrication plays in prolonging the life span of pneumatic motors, we, at Modec, have teamed up with a local partner to produce a lubricating oil that has the right technical characteristics to operate effectively in extreme temperatures and environments. .

This oil is used in our basic one-stop motor protection device that regulates lubrication, filtration and air pressure. In addition, we provide a complete safety box which includes the lubrication-filtration-pressure system as well as a safety stop button and a distance piloting device.


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