Pneumatic gear motors: a one-stop solution that can be adapted to your needs!

14 mai 2018

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Vane air motor reducer consist of a pneumatic section and a gear section.

The pneumatic section rotates the motor, via the pressure of the compressed air on the different parts.

The gear section then allows you to regulate the motor’s speed and torque according to what it is being used for. Effectively, you need to incorporate planetary gear reduction in order to operate at a lower speed and higher torque.

Choose a one-stop solution!

Choosing a gear motor provides you with a one-stop solution - totally integrated, far more compact, and light!

You no longer have to attach the gear system to the motor yourself, which helps to avoid potential problems caused by errors during assembly or configuration.

Made to measure gear motors that meet your needs!

At Modec, we make all the parts in our pneumatic motors, including the gear system. We can therefore offer a wide choice of configuration options for your motor. We manage the whole manufacturing chain, which means we can be very precise and innovative when it comes to providing made-to-measure solutions perfectly adapted to your needs.

So, we designed a “classic” range of gear boxes that attach to the end of the motor.

We also have some specific gear motors, for example ones that are mounted head to tail.

Modec gear boxes can also come with an integrated bevel gear. The teeth can be straight (if what you’re after is greater torque) or you can opt for a spiral bevel (if you want a faster speed).

Our gears range is modular – all the gearboxes are compatible with every one of our pneumatic motors. If needed, we can go up to 3 gear reduction stages to get a high torque while still maintaining a constant power level. Our solutions provide maximum yield.

Finally, for specific applications that require an irreversible torque (when a torque is applied at the output of the gearbox and the input doesn’t move, it is considered irreversible), we have a range of worm and wheel gear systems.

Tell us about your project, and together we can work out the best possible configuration for your appliance to provide the speed, power and torque that you’re looking for.

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