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Why should one use a pneumatic motor in lifting systems?

Bruno Martin
by Bruno Martin on Dec 14, 2017 2:06:03 PM

Lifting systems comprise all  machinery and equipment that are needed for lifting loads.  They are part of the handling equipment.

 Their classification may be operated according to the way lifting force applies:

  • Lifting from below, for example by means of a forklift
  • Lifting from above, for example using slings
  • But also for elevator platforms, winches, hoists, articulated arms…

These lifting systems are present in all processing industries, notably for the transfer of pellets or powders.  We can cite for example the food industry, textile industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

 The handling devices allow for the lifting of pellets or powders in order to reach a certain point and to empty it all into other containers.

These goods need to reach an exact position.  The transfer from one container to another requires precision in the execution of the task.  The operator needs to block the lift once the position has been reached and hold the equipment in this position.

These handling operations are often conducted using electrical appliances. These have proven effective but also show limitations.

In case of overheating of the electric motor for example, either because of a blockage (anomaly in the process), or because of a dusty atmosphere or an ambient temperature that is too high, there is a risk of fire as dust is flammable.

One solution consists in switching to pneumatic energy! 

The advantages of using an air motor in these environments: 

  • Air motors are ATEX certified: they do not heat up and they do not produce sparks.  They can therefore be used in explosive atmospheres (heat, sparks, dust) without any risk.
  • Unlike electric motors, air motors can stall without any problem.
  • Frequent start-ups do not generate any peaks of intensity.
  • For a given power, air motors are 5 times lighter and more compact than electric motors. Their use is possible even in places where space is limited.


These advantages are quite appreciated in systems for lifting goods, but air motors have many useful benefits that are precious in other industries as well!  To learn all about air motors and their uses, do not hesitate to download our air motor handbook!




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