Efficiency and safety for valves maneuvers in the water industry

7 June 2018

PVA Applications

Whether it is for production,  distribution or wastewater management, you can find in each of this water industry sectors a large and various quantity of valves.

How to manage such a network  ? How to deal with predictive maintenance operations ? Jammed valves ? Hard / Slow to actuate ?

Water production

This activity counts a large number and a great variety of valves. With / without handwheel, flat, tapered, with / without rising stem, underground, ... We have a solution to face each of these cases in order to make easier and safer your daily valves maneuvers.

Water distribution

The water distribution network is mainly constituted of underground valves which many are located directly under the streets. To ensure operator's safety those valves must be actuated easily and efficiently. 

Our portable valve actuators are designed to open / close valves without having to exercise any force or to turn around with a lever arm.

Other types of applications are also possible with our portable valve actuators like hot tapping operations. The rotation speed and the stress are controled insuring a top quality realisation and time-saving.


This activity records a large number of valves with handwheel. Here at modec we designed a complete range of universal adaptors in order to actuate any type of handwheels with only one portable actuator, no matter the shape or the size !

modec Portable Valve Actuator is a range of portable power tools designed to remove all the hard work when operating manual valves. 

Exemples of configurations "ready-to-go" for the water industry


Rising stem valves

Battery powered "Easy Duty" portable actuator with banjo head and self-centering / self-adjusting fingers adaptors .




Photo 05-09-2017 15 46 43

Underground valves

Battery powered "Easy Duty" portable actuator with telescopic "valve key" and foot held articulated reaction arm.




IMG_2668Penstock valves

Battery powered "Easy Duty" portable actuator with telescopic valve key and square drive.









Actionneur portable pneumatiqueUnderground wastewater valves

Pneumatic portable actuator "Standard Duty"  with righ angle head, telescopic "valve key" and stand for underground valves.




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Rémy Davin
Rémy Davin

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