Gas portable valve actuator PY68

28 April 2020

PVA Range

modec gas portable valve actuators can be used in total autonomy – the only limit being the available petrol supply. Indeed, the tank contains half liter of gas and with it you can run 55 minutes!

We manufacture the portable gas actuator PY68 in three different sizes:

  • The PY68 easy duty offers a low torque and a high range of speeds. It is the perfect tool when you don’t have a high torque but a lot of rotations to do, for example on penstocks. We manufacture the easy duty gas actuator to offer a large and wide range of speed and torques until 55 N.m and 305 rpm !
  • We manufacture two different standard duty gas portable valve actuators that can reach up to 260 Nm and 64 rpm. Split up in three different gear boxes, we can supply precisely the torque you need in order not to damage the valve you want to operate. And if you want to adjust the torque you can use our mechanical torque limiter.
  • With the heavy duty gas actuators, dedicated to jammed or difficult valves you can reach up to 850 N.m and 15 rpm. This is the strongest portable valve actuator you can find on the market. And you won’t damage it, with the strong integrated gearbox, the motor never forces.

The characteristics of the modec portable gas actuator PY68:

Available with three different gearboxes, you will find the perfect range of torque and speed for the work you need to do. It is equipped in series with a speed variator, you can adjust the speed thanks to the pressure you are applying on the trigger. Our gas actuator can work vertically or horizontally to bring comfort and efficiency.

We have chosen a four strokes engine that will reduce significantly the noise level and is very easy to start. Doesn’t matter the weather or the temperature, the actuator is always ready to help you. They are particularly suitable for use in isolated outdoor or places, on field, plants, etc. 

Extremely robust, they have an integrated clutch system which protects the operator and the equipment, even if a valve is completely jammed.


A wide range of options can improve the performance of the gas portable valve actuator PY68

Available with all our range of accessories and options, it is perfect to use on every kind of applications. We have solution for every environments thanks to the the different options we offer:

  • - The digital revolution and speed counter allows you to know the exact position of the valve. Just restart it when you begin to operate and it will count the rotations for you. For example, it is very practical to set the correct flow inside a line. You can also read on the counter the instantaneous speed in order not to apply too much speed if it is dangerous for the operation you are doing.
  • - The torque limiter offers the possibility to set a torque and to change it inside a range of more or less 40%. Thanks to it you can use the same actuator for different valves and avoid the risk to apply to much force on it.
  • - The right angle head gives you a comfortable position to work ergonomically even with difficult access. Our PY68 actuators can be used horizontally or vertically, the most important thing is to be convenient for you to preserve your health and protect you from the professional diseases.
  • - The banjo head 1 or the banjo head 2 are hollow heads.  Designed to offer a solution when you have a rising stem, it will let some space for the stem to go through the head. These are also external gearboxes with a reduction ratio of four for the banjo head 1 and three for the banjo head 2. Thus you can increase the power of the PY68 when you are facing a jammed valve.

Our large range of accessories can ease the implementation of our portable gas actuator into your plant: DES ADAPTATEURS POUR VOLANTS PLATS (2)

With our large range of accessories you don’t have to change anything on your plant. We have connections for every kind of valves. And the operator don’t have to support the weight of the actuator. When you install it on the valve, the valve will carry the tool. You just have to press the trigger to operate it.

  • - If you need to operate a flat handwheel you can use our SU adaptors. Designed with different numbers of fingers there are solutions for 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7 spokes handwheels. Thanks to our patented system, these adaptors clamp instantly on the handwheel and the actuator automatically centers itself giving ease and efficiency. These adaptors save a significant amount of time and money as there’s no need to buy and install a drive plate for each handwheel.
  • - If you have to operate tapered handwheels, you can use our CSB adaptors for valves with spokes at an angle greater than 30 °. These adaptors can be used with every actuators heads: RA30, NJH01 and BJH02.
  • - To operate square shafts on valves without handwheels, we have a ¾ “ adaptor and sockets from 20x20 mm to 50x50 mm, in order to connect the actuator directly on these square shaft. You can also use this adaptor with every sockets on the market.
  • - If you don’t have a lot of valves to operate, we offer standard fixed universal adaptors for flat or tapered handwheels. You screw them on the valve and you can plug the actuator directly on it when you need to manipulate the valve.
  • - If you need to operate underground valve we have a telescopic bar with a ¾” connection to plug square sockets on it.
  • - If your valve is far away from the operator, you can use our wide range of extension bars.





Torque management systems : The perfect solution to protect the operators.

We manufacture powerful tools for professional use. They can reach up to 1000 Nm. Imagine that: you place a 100 kg man on a one meter bar and with the actuator you can make him jump in the sky ! To control such powerful tools, we have designed a large range of torque management system to protect the operator.

The main purpose of the torque management systems is to avoid dangerous movements. When the valve is completely closed or open, the torque will go through the torque management system and not be applied on the operator. But it is not the only advantage of these systems. We also design some solutions to bring comfort for all different kind of application. For example with our BA002, you can transport the actuator easily thanks to its wheels and the telescopic torque management system will transfer the torque onto the floor for more safety.

The important point is that here at modec we don’t want any compromise between safety and efficiency. Indeed, this torque management system is always included in series with all our actuators !

PY68 (2)

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Damien Coissieux
Damien Coissieux

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