H2o Accadueo: a major event in the field of water

19 July 2018

PVA Exhibition

accadueoThe exhibition of industries at the service of water

Every two years Bologna Fiere organizes the exhibition H2o Accadueo in Bologna, Italia which aims to present companies associated with the field of water. This is a major event for professionals in this sector which welcomed more than 50 000 visitors and 329 exhibitors in 2016. This year, Accadueo will open again its doors from 17 to 19 October 2018.

Presented products will be many and various; you can find the complete list on the exhibition’s official website. The exhibition also presents problematics concerning gas networks.

Topics in the forefront of water and gas problematics

Problems, naturally occuring or not, that affect water and gas networks’ functioning are frequent. However there are innovative tools in design, construction, maintenance and running of networks but they are not very well-known.

H2o Accadueo offers a forum for discussion between regulatory authorities, institutions, companies and public services in order to emphasize existing lacunae and in order to highlight actions, strategies and technologies offered in answer to these problematics.

Innovation, digitization, maintenance and network’s exploitation will be in the forefront of the event. These topics will be tackled during the numerous organized conferences

Modec in H2o Accadueo

Modec will be present in the exhibition in order to show its range of portable valve actuators. Well appreciated by operators, they bring more safety and convenience for daily valve maneuvers.  Extremely flexible, they are compatible with valves and wheels of all kinds thanks to the numerous adaptors available. Portable and light, they can operate a valve hand-wheel up to 10 times faster than by manual rotation. They are really appreciated especially when the valve is blocked, difficult to access or if it needs a large number of turns to actuate it. Staff security, hardware protection… You can find the numerous advantages of portable valve actuators in our blog post.

Modec chose to be exposed in this exhibition because portable valve actuators are really useful tools in the field of water. Indeed they greatly ease the work when there is a leak, when it’s about cutting or opening a network section. Moreover, Modec has designed water-specific tools with, for example, a valve key that is directly connected to the portable actuator. 

Don’t hesitate anymore ! Come and see us in our booth in the exhibition H2o Accadueo if you want to discover our range of portable valve actuators, become a modec distributor or just talk about solutions we offer.

Marie-Charlotte Messier
Marie-Charlotte Messier

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