How a tool like a portable valve actuator can help exploit water networks

29 September 2017

Local authorities must show they can appraise and maintain their water networks by drawing up a detailed inventory of their network and a plan of action to reduce leaks. This obligation has been in place since 2013. Although sanctioned with an increase in the water supply access fee, local authorities continue to have difficulty satisfying demands when it comes to appraising and knowing their network.

Lacking time and resources, and with very little information already available, local authorities come up against all kinds of problems which mean they have to keep extending the deadline for writing the famous specification.

In order to appraise the network and potentially detect any leaks, it is often necessary to cut water supply in parts of the network, or divert a pipeline, or stop a water meter etc.

These operational maneouvres can be complicated for the workers. With 50% of the network dating back to before 1972, the valves that allow parts of the network to be opened or closed are often difficult to actuate. Rusty, fragile valves that are difficult to turn require more operators to go out on site and forcefully actuate the valve, by levering for example. Repeating this type of manoeuvre can lead, in the long run, to health problems such as musculoskeletal disorders – it can also damage equipment and installations.

Modec portable valve actuators improve operator safety and comfort

Luckily, help is at hand. If your operators use our portable actuators, they can open and close valves without any need for long, arduous manipulation. Repetitive movements linked to this type of work are greatly reduced, as are the risks of accidents and work-related illnesses. The operator no longer needs to exert force to actuate a valve or hand-wheel. The tool does the hard work, not the operator. And thanks to the many options and torque reaction systems available with our range of portable actuators, your operators work in total safety with no risk of the torque kicking back, notably at the start and end of the procedure.


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Modec portable valve actuators save time

With our portable actuators, you can open a valve 10 times faster on average than when doing the manoeuvre manually, thereby saving precious time. The tool is quick and easy to set up and there is no need to prepare the hand-wheel or valve in advance.

Modec portable valve actuators protect your equipment and installations

With this indispensable, everyday tool, the security of your personnel and equipment is guaranteed. Don’t risk damaging your equipment – by controlling the speed and the torque applied to your valves and wheels, you extend their lifespan and minimise the risk of breakages or damage.

A tool like Modec’s portable rotating actuator allows you to correctly manage your drinking water and waste water network in total security. Save time, save resources and protect your workers and equipment.

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Marie-Charlotte Messier
Marie-Charlotte Messier

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