How to actuate your hand wheels or any type of output shaft with our portable valves actuators?

16 October 2017

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Modec designed and manufactures a complete portable valve actuators range that can adapt easily to any situation. No matter what kind of hand wheels you have to actuate: flat, tapered, with or without rising stem, or no hand wheel at all, we have a solution for you so that you will be able to use any of our portable valve actuators (pneumatic, gas, electric).

With the same portable actuator and thanks to our commutable interfaces, you can actuate many different types of hand wheels without having to necessarily pre-equip them.

All configurations listed below are compatible with our 3 types of portable valve actuators and with our different actuators’ drive heads: straight (standard), right angle (for a 90° orientation), banjo (for rising stem valve). You can find all connectors and adaptors' references required to switch from one configuration to another in our interfaces and adaptors guide.



Do you need to actuate flat hand wheels with or without rising stem?

3 solutions are possible:

You can directly fix on the portable actuator a standard fixed fingers adaptor. Fingers will be placed against the spokes to actuate the hand wheel. Even better, our patented self-adjusting and self-centering system will improve operators’ comfort as the portable actuator will rotate without any unbalanced effects and will solidarize to the hand wheel as soon as it starts running. This adaptor is compatible with our straight actuator’s head (standard), our right angle head which can be positioned at 90° to the actuator providing optimal positioning for the operator, or our banjo head in case of rising stem valve.

You can use our fixed universal adaptors. As opposed to fixed fingers adaptors that are fixed directly onto the portable actuator, those adaptors need to be installed on the hand wheel before starting the operation. They are also compatible with any of our portable actuators and all our head drives (straight, right angle or banjo). Fixed universal adaptors are useful in case of specific or unusual hand wheels or if you need to use extension bars if your hand wheel is hard to reach.

You may prefer our spoke adaptors. Those ones clamp solidly and quickly to the hand wheel. The center of this adaptor is made of a hollow tube that can be use as an extension bar with the possibility for a rising stem to rise inside. They can connect easily to any of our portable valve actuators (electric, gas or pneumatic) and can be used with all of our drive heads (straight, right angle, banjo) thanks to our dedicated connectors.

 Download the adaptors selection guide



Do you have tapered hand wheel with or without rising stem valve to actuate?

For this kind of hand wheels 2 solutions are possible:

Our dedicated spoke adaptors. With their particular shape they can easily catch spokes of tapered hand wheels in a few seconds only. They are also designed with a centered hollow tube so that you can also use them with a rising stem valve. Thanks to our wide range of adaptors you can use these tapered spoke adaptors with any of our portable actuators and all of our drive heads (straight, right angle or banjo).

Our fixed universal adaptors: thanks to their multiple “U-shaped” clamps that catch the hand wheel’s spokes, they can fix on to almost every type of hand wheel.

Should you want to know precisely which interfaces, or with adaptors you will need to actuate your hand wheel, just download our interfaces and adaptors guide! In a blink of an eye you will get all the possible configurations.



If what you need to actuate is not a hand wheel, we also have a solution:

What you need to actuate is not hand wheel but a drive shaft, a square drive socket, a keyed shaft or any other type of output drive? We covered it all! With our ¾ adaptors you can get connected to almost any drive sockets of the market.

We developed adaptors, shaft drive s and extensions that can all connect to your system with our portable valve actuators. All our interfaces are compatible with any of our 3 portable actuators and all our head drives. Our extension bars range can be used to get away from the valves. They allow the use of a rising stem valve and are well adapted to underground buried valves.


 Whatever is your configuration, we will be able to actuate your system, valves, or drive sockets. Thanks to our internal design office we are also capable of developing a custom-made solution for you. Don’t hesitate: contact us now! 

Adaptors selection guide

Pierre-Yves Cote
Pierre-Yves Cote

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