How to reduce risks related to manual valves operations?

20 July 2017

PVA Safety

Actuating valves manually is a risky operation that needs certain precautions in order to avoid getting hurt or injured. Make sure to take into account all general recommendations for safety at work and to prevent professional risks. Some risks can be considerably reduced if the right tool is used to help operators. Learn how to prevent operators from getting hurt thanks to portable valve actuators:

#Reduce risks of traffic accidents while manipulating valves on or near the road

Traffic accidents happen while actuating valves near or on the street. Operators are exposed to the danger of traffic as long as they stay on the road for operations. In fact, the more they have to concentrate on their effort, the less they pay attention to traffic. In this case, it is highly recommended to use a tool as a portable valve actuators to open and close the valve quickly and without having to apply too much force. With the portable actuators, no need to turn around the street inlet, the operators are able to actuate valves without moving, thus they can pay attention to what happens around them. The Saur agents are equipped with a portable pneumatic rotary actuator.

#Poorly accessible valves

Some valves can give hard times to operators if they are in a cramped space, close to the floor, located high up, in an escalator, or on walkways. In this case it can be hard to open or close valves without any danger, and it is even riskier if the valves don’t open easily or if the number of revolutions to actuate them is important. Operators can be tempted to climb on a scale or may have to adopt a bad posture that can lead to hurt them during the manual manipulation. With portable valve actuators it becomes so easy to manipulate valves everywhere in any situations!


#Repetitive strain injury and professional diseases

Actuating valves regularly leads to repetitive gestures that can cause injuries to operators in short and long term especially if they need to force to open and close the valves. The portable valve actuator is a must-have tool for operators as it will actuate valves easily without any effort! Risks are considerably reduced for the operators.

 #Hot water and steam valves

It can happen in specific cases that valves are very hot especially when using steam lines or in power plants. These valves must be manipulated very carefully to avoid operators to get burned. Thankfully with portable valve operators no need to touch valves and so no more risk of getting burned!

The portable valve actuator is a fantastic tool for operators who have to often manipulate manual valves. This must-have tool helps them in their daily works and guarantees their safety!


Marie-Charlotte Messier
Marie-Charlotte Messier

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