How to transform your manual valves into motorised valves in the blink of an eye

13 December 2017

Why a PVA ?

Do you have manual valves that need actuating, but you don’t want, or are unable, to equip them with a fixed actuator? Are your manual valves becoming difficult to turn and maintain?

There exists an alternative solution to installing fixed actuators – the Modec Portable Valve Actuator.

It’s an ideal, practical and simple tool for opening manual valves safely and without effort. Thanks to patented adaptors, it fits directly and simply on to the handwheel, with no need to install any equipment in advance.

Our range of portable actuators come in 3 motorised power feeds – electric (via a battery), pneumatic or thermal, so that they are able to respond to potential constraints in as many environments as possible (ATEX, isolated sites with no power feed…). The actuator is also completely modular: all the actuator heads (straight, angled or hollow head) are compatible with all the different adaptors and interfaces. So, with a single actuator, you can turn different types of handwheels (hollow, flat, with or without a rising stem) or even turn valves that don’t have a handwheel.

This solution means you don’t need to install a fixed actuator on to every valve.Plus you have peace of mind knowing that the valves will not be a safety risk to anyone or to your equipment.

With a portable valve actuator, operators can work in optimum safety conditions.

They are no longer at risk of injuring themselves when opening and closing a difficult valve or a valve that needs a large number of turns to manoeuvre. There is also minimum risk in terms of occupational health problems.

Portable actuators also play a role in protecting your equipment and your fixtures and fittings. The torque and speed necessary to open and close the valves is effectively completely controlled, thus there is no risk of breaking the valves. The manoeuvres are made easier, it becomes more practical to actuate the valves, they can be used much more regularly if needed and therefore they don’t get stuck (preventative valve maintenance).

So, manual or motorised valves? Now you know there’s another solution.

Download our portable valve actuator catalogue today and discover the Modec range of portable rotating actuators.

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Bruno Martin
Bruno Martin

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