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29 April 2019

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Over the years, Modec’s engineering and sales teams dealt with many  valves’ specific requests from our customers. Although valves are generally standardized, our customers regularly come across unique applications and issues that require special attention, including the safety of operators and equipments. This allowed Modec to build a recognized expertise in the world of valves.

We offer this expertise to our distributors: This blog will detail two special cases that demonstrate our portable valve actuators’ and Modec’s adaptability  to the demands of our customers.

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Special adapters for GRTGAZ

Our customer in the gas sector had a very specific request concerning the motorization of an old valve that was difficult to open. Indeed, opening this valve required two operators and more than 20 minutes to perform the 12 turns required to open it. They were therefore looking for a removable valve actuator that was energy independent, a request that could not meet a standard portable valve actuator.
After our sales team and engineering office went on site to study the issue, we offered them an electric portable valve actuator (working on batteries) which is more flexible to set up and self sufficient in

This electric portable valve actuator will operate with a torque reaction system that will be fixed directly on the valve (1st picture) to ensure the safety of operators during unplanned interventions. This allows to carry no weight when using the actuator (2nd picture). In order to do so, we added a flange on the actuator that allows  to fix it without the operator having to support the device (3rd picture).

Finally, our team went one last time onsite to deliver, test and train operators to this new solution. The result? The valve now opens in only one minute! The device is simple, secure and the risk of accidents is reduced.

GRT GAZ is satisfied with the Modec’s solution: they testify in this  video!


Vidéo Modec GRT-Gaz FR


Specific sockets in Australia

Modec’s focused its efforts on a remote market: Australia. During our meetings with water management stakeholders, mines and refineries, we have identified a specific design of the sockets that operate the valves without handwheels. The Australian standard is different from the European standard and can be found in many industries:

  • Water treatment plants
  • Desalination plants
  • The water networks of cities
  • Pipelines that bring water to the mines
  • Cyanide and Amoniac refineries

Instead of having sockets with conical square output shaft like most valves, they are equipped with tipped square socket with ¾ inch square drive as in the following pictures:


Since these sockets are not available on the local market, our team met the major players of the water distribution in Western Australia to develop a solution in order to adapt our actuators to the maneuver of these valves.

Sans titre (2)

We tested them on buried valves and refinery valves, with the same configuration as above.

The solution was a success, the tipped square socket with ¾ inch square drive are perfectly positioned at the end of the shaft and do not remain stuck on them. The important thing for operators and OHS managers is to ensure that the force is applied over the entire contact area of the shaft to ensure the integrity of the valve and prevent any damage or injury to the operator. The actuator also stays put with a highly controlled movement for operator-optimized handling. Guaranteed security!

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Marie-Charlotte Messier
Marie-Charlotte Messier

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