Portable valve actuator : A niche product with great potential…

28 April 2017

PVA Testimonies

Safety systems specialists Total Lockout, based in the UK, has established a global network of customers operating in a wide range of production and manufacturing sectors.  

The business sells safety devices and equipment to companies operating in diverse industries, from car manufacturing and furniture production to food manufacturing and oil and gas.

Enter stage right – the portable valve actuator

“We knew the portable valve driver could be a good product for us,” says director Tim Hughes.

Two years ago, Total Lockout added portable valve actuators to their product range.

One of the commercial team was an expert in the tool from a previous job and knew the advantages it could offer to many companies in their existing customer base.

Plus the safety benefits of the portable valve actuator gave the tool its place in the firm’s safety-centric portfolio.


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Modec reseller

So when modec approached Total Lockout to be their reseller in the UK, the company jumped at the chance.

The key challenge, says Tim, is getting the word out that the tool exists. Currently the company generates interest via its website and by word-of-mouth with existing customers.

“Once a customer makes contact via an in-bound enquiry, we are good at explaining the functions and benefits of the portable actuator – its portability, versatility and ability to make life much easier and safer for operators”, he adds.

How to convert prospects into customers?

The company is now generating a good number of sales leads, so the next challenge is to convert more of these leads into sales.

With the low cost products in Total Lockout’s offer, this is a simpler task as they can provide free samples. A higher cost product like the portable actuator requires a different approach.

The team at modec supplies us with high quality marketing literature about the product, plus their technical support and back-up throughout the enquiry stage and order processing is of the highest possible calibre. We know that if, added to this, we can put the tool in front of customers and actually show them what it does, the potential to convert the leads will be a lot higher,” says Tim.

The next step

“We have mostly low cost, low profit products. This product is high cost, medium profit,” explains Tim. “When we sell an actuator, it’s a real boost.”

“The portable valve actuator is a very niche product and very important for us strategically going forward. We see a lot of potential.” he adds. 


  • For this reason, the safety systems specialists will be joining modec this year on their stand at a major trade show in the US - a key overseas market for Total Lockout where they work with a trade partner to target potential clients, primarily in the power generation and oil and gas industries.

  • An added bonus of the portable actuator for Total Lockout is that its selling proposition helps to balance the product portfolio.





Bruno Martin
Bruno Martin

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