Your safety matters : Choose the Right Reaction Arm for Underground Valves

07 June 2024

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Modec, a leader in portable valve operating systems, has long served the water distribution sector. Building on this experience, modec developed the H2O water kit, a specialized solution for the unique demands of water infrastructure.

Even with the ease of use offered by modec's H2O Water kit, operating underground valves can still be tough. Stuck or jammed valves are a major issue, especially in valve chambers.

Traditional methods like manual tools or key-operated boxes are risky, inefficient, and can even damage equipment. They risk back injuries, take a lot of time and effort, and can break the valve or tool itself. We had the idea of developing a solution that would allow the valve to be operated from street level, avoiding the need to descend into the valve chamber and the associated risk of falls.

Our powerful portable actuators, paired with a specialized torque reaction system, now offer safer, faster, and more reliable valve operation.

Modec's Water Kit 



The Modec H²O Kit, equipped with the compact and lightweight MC89 battery-powered actuator, is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify underground valve operation in the water industry, ensuring safety, efficiency, and water conservation.


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➡️Our kit always contains a standard reaction arm BR001 and foot held articulated reaction arm BA012. 


However, for valve chambers where this isn't a suitable option, or for other configurations outside the modec's H2O Water Kit , we can provide other reaction systems. These include the BA001 and BA002 models.


Look for more compatible torque reaction systems!

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BA001: Trailer Hitch Reaction Arm for Tight Valves and Open Access

The BA001 is Modec's heavy-duty articulated arm, designed to be fixed to a vehicle trailer hitch. It's the perfect solution for tackling larger valves buried beneath roads, valves with upward-facing handwheels, or any other valve with large chamber access.

The BA001 keeps the extension arm straight and can handle up to 1000 N.m of torque, enabling you to safely and effectively unlock even the most stubborn valves without entering the valve chamber.

The BA001 can be securely attached to a truck's trailer hitch, trees or poles nearby when available. 

Key features of the heavy duty reaction arm BA001:

➡️High torque capacity: Up to 1000 N.m

➡️Articulated design: Provides flexibility for maneuvering in open spaces.

➡️Vehicle trailer hitch attachment: Ensures stability and operator safety.


BA001 BLOGBA001: Heavy-Duty Articulated Arm for Large Valves and Open Access


BA002: The Compact, Stand-Alone Solution for Buried Valves

The BA002 is modec's tool for smaller, underground valves. It's compact and light, perfect for tight spaces. While not as strong as the BA001 (depending on the ground and operator's weight, the maximum torque achievable is 350 Nm), it's plenty powerful for most buried valve tasks. 

The best part? No need to attach it to anything. You simply stand on it, using your body weight to stabilize the tool and operate the valve safely.

Key features of the Foot held articulated reaction arm BA002:

➡️Compact and lightweight: Easy to transport and maneuver in tight spaces.

➡️Optimized for buried valves: Designed to reach underground valves

➡️Maximum Admissible Torque : up to 350 N.m


BA002: The Compact, Stand-Alone Solution for Buried Valves spaces. While not as strong as the BA001 (depending on the ground and operator's weight, the

Choosing the Right Reaction Arm

Selecting the appropriate reaction arm is crucial for efficient and safe valve operation. Key considerations include:


  • ➡️Valve size: Larger valves may require a reaction arm with higher torque capacity.
  • ➡️Access point: Open spaces are ideal for the BA001's maneuverability, while the BA002's compact design is better suited for confined spaces.
  • ➡️Torque requirements: Assess the typical torque needed for your specific valve operations to determine the most suitable arm.

How easy is it to turn your valve?

  • Too hard: If the valve is extremely difficult to turn, the BA001's high torque capacity is the best option.
  • Easy or moderate: For valves that are relatively easy to turn, the BA002 or other standard reaction arms may be sufficient.


Modec's BA001 and BA002 reaction arms are essential tools for efficient and safe underground valve operation in the water industry. The BA001, a heavy-duty articulated arm for large valves and open spaces, and the BA002, a compact and versatile tool for buried valves, cater to diverse operational needs.

In fact, our entire range of torque reaction systems (BR001, BA001, BA002, BA012...) is fully compatible with all modec portable valve actuators (battery, pneumatic, or gas). Customize your setup to perfectly match your needs.


With modec, you're not just buying tools, you're investing in a solution that helps your team to work smarter and achieve better results.

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Sandra Noël
Sandra Noël

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