Security equipment distributor - How to increase your sales ?

26 April 2019


Among our best distributors, we have the security equipment distributors. Indeed, portable valve actuators allowed them to drastically increase their sales and open the doors of some industries that were still closed to them. 


Offer an extraordinary product that will ensure you a demonstration, a direct contact with your prospect

You are a distributor of security equipment, but feel like you are selling the standard products that your competitors offer? If you want to differentiate yourself from the competition, selling our portable valve actuators can be a great opportunity and open new doors: prospects are always willing to improve their safety and productivity.

-> Click here to read the testimony of Vertycal - safety equipment distributor to whom the portable valve actuators have opened the doors of the Chilean industry. Vertycal is now recognized as the reference in mine safety in Chile.

Get a free demonstration

Stand out from your competitors - Discover an innovation

You are well established in your market but are looking for new opportunities, you feel that your market is tired and looking for another way to grow? You want to have access to a particular industry that you can not penetrate? If you are in one of these cases, the portable valve actuator is for you! It will open the doors of new industries, it is a resistant and ingenious product.

Portable Valve Actuators: One demo = one sale

According to the feedback of our distributors, at the end of a demonstration, it is the prospect himself who convinces his potential users that they need a tool to help the opening the valves. They easily recognize that it is a device that significantly improve the safety of men, the safety of equipment and of course the overall productivity of the company.

Catch everyone’s eyes on an exhibition

Modec and its distributors participate in many trade shows around the world. This is one of the best ways to make a first contact with potential customers. On these occasions visitors can use the actuators and transform the Modec booth into a non-stop attraction! Furthermore, contacts belonging to your sector are directly transferred to you.

Weftec 2018

One tool for all handwheels

The portable valve actuator adapts to all types of flywheels, whatever the habits of the field of activity.

-> Click here to read the testimony of our distributor in the Netherlands

An amazing assistance that always has got your back

At Modec, we maintain a close relationship with our distributors based on mutual trust, because we consider them as our representatives abroad who therefore deserve the same support as our subsidiaries.

Since 2012, we have been developing a strategy based on the principle of Inbound Marketing: a production of content for the Internet users with the aim of helping them and bringing them to a solution. This practice generates a steady flow of qualified leads that are then forwarded to you.

Click here to check our blog for portable valve actuators. We also have high quality marketing content such as videos, posts for social networks, and other marketing tools that you can use ..

Your business is secure thanks to our short and reliable delivery times and our stocks around the world, in the United States or Australia for example.

No matter where you are, the salesperson responsible for your area will train you and assist you during the first demonstrations.

Join the #Modecfamily, you will be eager to work with us!

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Olivier Ben Soussan
Olivier Ben Soussan

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