The many advantages of our new electric portable valve actuator !

3 December 2019

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Valve Assist from modec is a range of portable power tools designed to take the hard work out of operating manual valves. Valves can become difficult to operate for a number of reasons. Mostly due to long periods where the valve is never operated. During this time, the moving parts within deteriorate. Lubrication dries up and corrosion may set in.

A program of valve exercising is essential to keeping valves in good working order and identifying maintenance needs. This is where ‘Valve Assist’ comes in to its own. Each portable drive tool is equipped with a mounting kit designed to couple the drive tool to the valve input shaft or hand wheel. As well as this, the tool incorporates a reaction device design to absorb any torque load when the valve encounters a tight spot or stops on its seat.


With a constant will to place our customers at the core of our activity by precisely meeting their needs, we have decided to improve the performance, ergonomics and autonomy of our electric portable valve actuator. In order to be able to meet the majority of the constraints on valve operations, we have studied a tool that will exceed your expectations of such a compact and lightweight device. 

Torque increase from 200Nm to 930Nm

The MC89's ancestor had a maximum torque of 200Nm. Although most of our customers' applications did not require more than 200Nm torque, Modec has developed a portable valve actuator that can reach 930Nm, ensuring that all valves, even the hardest ones can be opened

A new brushless motor 

One of the other advantages compared to the old easy duty valve actuator is its brushless motor. This new motor allows the our new portable actuator to have a maximum durability and an optimal efficiency. The maintenance and servicing of the tool is also drastically simplified. 

Additional speed settings

Our new portable valve actuator features a speed control trigger from position 1 to position 4 that provides a wider speed range, greater control and greater control for the operator. [8]



  • 1 – Information stickers: Indicate for each rotation direction (D1 & D2) the possible torque settings depending on the Banjo head used
  • 2 – Fixation ring to fix a strap for handling and carrying: Not for torque management.
  • 3 – Flange: enables the attachment of all modec heads, adaptors and torque systems.
  • 4 – Left/right switch – to choose rotational direction of the actuator.
  • 5 – Start / Stop trigger: For a progressive start and to stop the actuator when released.
  • 6 – Removable battery: The mains connection can also be plugged at this place.
  • 7 – Isolated handle (grey zone) : Do not use as a torque reaction device.
  • 8 – Speed control trigger (4 possible positions).
  • 9 – Electronic torque limiter trigger (12 possible positions).
  • 10 – Revolution counter module (option): it gives a double reading – rotating speed and number of turns.
  • 11 – LED lamp switch

An electronic torque limiter 

Our new MC89 portable valve actuator has an electronic torque limiter[9] that eliminates vibration problems caused by the previous generation mechanical torque limiter. The brushless motor associated with its control electronics automatically cuts the tool when the torque defined by the operator is reached. He is then informed by an audible signal.

An improved reduction gearbox

We have also developed a new, more efficient reduction gearbox, allowing us to reach 930Nm of torque. After numerous calculations and tests, the design of the reduction trains has been improved to obtain an improved gearbox that perfectly matches the tool. 

Finally, we carried out a characterization of the tool in order to build a special torque and speed matrix for this electric portable valve actuator. This matrix allows the user to adjust the tool to his application. 

matrice couple mc89

Although it is super light and compact, the MC89 Portable Valves Actuator is the one that offers the highest torque (900 Nm). This makes it the perfect tool for any valve type, indoor or outdoor, with a great autonomy. Its two 18V Lithium-Ion batteries allow to use it continuously during up to one hour. For an even more intensive usage, use the main power connection kit that plugs on the actuator just like a battery and provides an unlimited autonomy. 

Designed for any type of operation, the MC89 comes with 2 models only that cover a 0 to 320 rpm speed range and a 900 Nm maximum torque. No need to say that even the most stubborn valves can be operated! No worry though, the integrated electronic torque limiter will easily prevent any damages for your valve or the tool itself.

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Mathieu Carzaniga
Mathieu Carzaniga

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