Water industry valves & equipment distributors : how to increase your sales ?

18 March 2019


Have you ever heard the words “portable valve actuators” ? Well, if you haven’t, stay with us, because it might just change your company wealth. It seems a bit pretentious now? But trust us, it is a real deal maker, and here are 6 reasons why:

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Find a catchy product to obtain a demo with your client

You are in the water industry, but you are lacking of a sexy product that arouses the client’s curiosity? Distributing our portable valve actuator is a door opener: clients are always interested in improving safety and productivity. It is a great opportunity for you to get the attention of the client and then show them your complementing products and/or services.

If you distribute fixed actuators, that is not an issue because those clients are often looking for tools to use as a backup solution.
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Differentiate yourself - Find an innovation inside the water market

You are well established in your market but looking for new opportunities? Your current markets are saturated and need a new way to prosper? The portable valve actuators can be used in many applications and open many doors. It is a well manufactured and robust product.

Portable valve actuator: One demo = one sell

With the portable valve actuator, you can be sure that once you have done a demo, you will sell. It is a unique product on the market and there are many demand on the water industry. You can not put a fixed actuator on all the valves. Having one portable valve actuators helps your clients to minimize their costs. Find out here the three reasons to use a portable actuator.

Check out our distributor's testimonial in Chile 

Stick out on an exhibition

As our product is a door opener to your other products, it is also an eye catcher on every exhibition. You can be sure that everyone will come and be curious about the portable valve actuator. Here is the sexy and curious object that you needed to attract all the visitors of your next exhibition.

Modec also participates to all the industrial valve exhibitions throughout the world such as WEFTEC in the US and IFAT in Germany. It is one of the easiest way to collect leads as visitors are already qualified.We directly forward the distributor in charge of the region all the leads we collected.


Only one tool for all handwheels

The portable valve actuators are adaptable to any activity domain such as water plant, wastewater plants, fire hydrant, water distribution and buried valves … Also, it can adapt to any handwheels or square nut.

Check out our distributor's testimonial in Netherlands

A great service, always here to help you

Have you ever felt let down by your manufacturers? Well, we believe that premium relationships with our distributors is key to great business. We have established a great marketing content that will back you up in any situation with great videos, social media posts, etc…

Short lead times, thanks to the stocks we have throughout the world, Atlanta, GA, USA or Australia for instance.

No matter where you are on the planet, our sales team will come to assist you for your first demonstrations and train your salespeople.

Since 2012 we have developed a good working web marketing strategy based on the inbound principle that has brought us many leads that we then forward you. It is a guarantee to have leads all the time.

We believe that if you choose to join the #Modecfamily, you will be encouraged and optimistic about the potential to build a solid and growing business in your area. We will make you eager to work with us!


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Olivier Ben Soussan
Olivier Ben Soussan

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