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29 juillet 2020

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What are the solutions to replace a motor quickly?

Modec customers often have the same problems; they use a motorization that no longer suits them, and do not know where to turn to find a solution adapted to their machine(s) or production system(s).

Management of equivalences with modec motors

Each application has a specific need in terms of motorization, but also in terms of adaptation. It is necessary to find the right interlocutor to implement a fast, efficient and effective solution.

Modec has created a range of motors that can be adjusted to the needs of its customers. This range allows you to quickly find a solution for the replacement of your motor or motorization.

1- How can I find a pneumatic equivalent to my electric motor?

Is your machine in a new work environment that is more restrictive in terms of safety or health standards?

You have a problem of space and are looking for an equivalent motor in terms of power, but reduced in size?

The solution is to replace it with ATEX-certified pneumatic motors that are equivalent in terms of torque and speed to your current motorization.

2- Can a crank handle be replaced by an air motor?

In some cases, you may not have a motor reference or information on the speed and torque required for your machine. We are accustomed to this type of request and we are able to establish estimates in order to offer you the appropriate air motor.

3-What are the alternatives to my current air motor?

Modec is a dynamic company with expertise in its market. We know the products of our competitors and have a very clear idea of the qualities and defects of each one. Proposing air motor equivalents is part of our daily work.

Indeed, we look for the performance of your current motor - power (W), torque (Nm) and rotation speed (RPM) - in order to choose the motor from our range that will be used as the basis for your project.

Download the guide: How to choose   the right motor for the job

Integration of the air motor on a machine or in a production system

In a second step, we can work on the integration of this pneumatic motor on your machine or in your production system. For this we study:

The ergonomics

  • Compact motors (excellent weight/power ratio)
  • Motor solutions with right angle heads
  • Integrated gearboxes

The environment

  • We offer ATEX motors for explosive environments
  • STAINLESS STEEL motors for applications in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries
  • "Waterproof" motors for underwater use

The features

  • Exhaust collector
  • Silencing and noise reduction solutions
  • Motors without lubrication
  • Integrated motor control handle

We offer this modularity and flexibility to our customers while guaranteeing short lead times.

The modec team as well as our design office will be in charge of understanding your project in its entirety in order to offer you one or more equivalent pneumatic solutions.

How do I find a motor for my machine ?

If it is sometimes difficult to find the origin of the motor, because the supplier no longer exists or the drawings are no longer available, we offer our customers this adaptation service. The motors in the modec range have been designed to meet a need for machine adaptation. Based on the output data of your machine, modec will be able to find the appropriate air motor.

Our experience and presence in many industries allows us to quickly understand your problems. Our technical team is at your disposal for the study, design and realization of pneumatic solutions to meet your specific needs.

Continuous optimization of our range of air motors

We have segmented our air motors into several blocks in order to be able to customize the solution. 

The performance of our motors is constantly being improved over time. Not only in terms of the performance and power of each of the motors in the modec range, but also in terms of long-term reliability and efficiency.

In addition, the numerous projects we have carried out with our customers in extreme conditions (temperature / humidity / space requirements) enable us to optimise and constantly improve our motors and our range.

This enables us to guarantee the three essential points that are important to you: cost, quality and delivery times.

We are present in many sectors of activity: food, industry, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals (etc.) and we use this knowledge to optimise your solution. The quality of our products is our priority, all our motors are assembled by experienced operators on our production site in the South East of France. We have carefully selected our trusted suppliers in France and Europe, most of whom are located close to our production site, in order to ensure fast service and impeccable quality.

A flawless service that makes the satisfaction of our customers:

The logistic offer

  • Presence on all continents
  • Motors manufactured in 3 days
  • A reactive sales team
  • Fast shipment of goods

Competitive rates

  • We offer high quality motors at attractive prices
  • Preventive maintenance of our components allows a reduction in your parts inventory
  • We apply standard pricing on customised options in case of recurring orders.

The design office

  • We work on tailor-made projects and provide you with 2D and 3D plans to guarantee the integration of the air motor.
  • A very wide choice of flange and outlet which can be customized to customer's request

After-sales service

Assistance in finding a solution

The modec team is present on all continents. With dedicated sales representatives in each area of the globe, which guarantees reactivity in your exchanges in order to find the solution to your project. If your deadlines are short and you need a fast and quality response, you now know who to turn to, modec!

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Olivier Ben Soussan
Olivier Ben Soussan

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